In addition to providing you with one of the best horse boarding experiences in Arizona, we are mindful of the environment in which we live.
we pride ourselves on promoting responsible green practices
for a sustainable environment.
we reduce, reuse, recycle, repurpose and hope you will too.



Rio RanchoVerde is surrounded by untouched open spaces in a serene relaxing atmosphere... far enough away from Scottsdale to provide a remote retreat, yet close enough to enjoy all the city has to offer.

It's a very special place where you can unplug and relax and your spiritual side has the opportunity to recharge and refresh.


Wake up to the scarlet skies of an amazing sunrise over Four Peaks and your day as the sunset colors streak softly over the mountains. Gaze at a sky full of stars (no city lights here!) and drift off to sleep as the coyotes howl in the distance.


We hope you are inspired to share our journey in creating lasting friendships and memories as we welcome you to our little piece of paradise in the Sonoran desert...



* From the organic garden to the recycled and repurposed pipe rail stalls, you’ll find our commitment interlaced throughout the ranch.  
* We’ve consciously only developed 5 of the 62 acres of our ranch.
* We compost food, recycle trash, recapture rain water, use solar lighting and have repurposed all the metal in our artwork, fencing and signage.  


* We make every effort to promote sustainability and are constantly striving to integrate our day to day operations in a socially responsible manner....
* Our desert location reinforces a mindful connection in harmony with our environment 
* Our goal is to embrace the desert ecology by respecting our place within this fragile ecosystem.   

14307 E Hawknest Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85262