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RIO RANCHO VERDE - we live  surrounded by beauty

When you're not out blazing a new trail or relaxing on the ranch we are glad to recommend local activities or authentic Arizona places to visit.

our wildlife neighbors

Wildlife & other fun facts..

We live in a remote and rural location and respect the wildlife who's home we share.

Keep an eye out for coyote, bobcat, javelina, deer, birds of prey, quail...

Some are elusive and some can be spotted on horseback or around the ranch at sun up or sundown.


Hike to the double-crested saguaro, a mutation that exists in only 204 cacti in AZ - one of them is right down the road!

Did you know an arm of a saguaro takes 75 years to grow?


Bring your mountain bike for some extra fun around the many desert trails in the area.

Novice and pros travel from miles around to ride in the Scottsdale Sonoran Preserve that's located within minutes of the ranch...we'll be happy to point you to the road less traveled.

VERDE RIVER Wild horses

A sighting of the wild horses of the Verde River is definitely a bucket list item! 

A 6 mile ride through sandy washes, or a 20 minute drive, will bring you to one of the few places left in the country where truly wild horses live and roam through the Verde River. Be sure you take your camera!!



"Rio Rancho Verde was more than we could have hoped for. You book for the beautiful property, and the promise of sunshine. In addition to those, we were met with incredible kindness and love for life, by Carmela, Joe, and their returning community of guests".

Retreating ".....Retreating into the wilderness, just my horse and I, was one of the most powerfully spiritual moments I have ever experienced....."