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our story...

catus and rainbow

I’m a kid from Chicago who grew up asking for a pony for Christmas every year. 

I was the one in the back of the station wagon on family camping trips, gazing out the window, wishing that was me on the horse loping down a country road.  

50 years later  my dreams have come true at Rio Rancho Verde, an equine boarding facility and ranch that my husband Joe and I have spent 30 years building, creating, working and managing. 

We started by camping out on the property, dropping rocks where we thought the house should sit, then built a workshop/bunkhouse, barn/stalls and finally, what seemed like years later, the house. 

The only thing better than waking up every morning to a view of 4 Peaks is being able to live among this natural beauty and to share this dream with others. 

It’s an incredibly special, almost spiritual place, surrounded by majestic Saguaros, mountain ranges that glow in the early morning sun, and stars that blanket our dark skies in the evening.  

The people we meet are the best part of our journey, everyone brings a new story and a new perspective, which constantly reminds us how blessed and grateful we are to live in such a special place.


We hope you can join us and share the experience....


For general inquiries or further information, please contact us:

14307 E Hawknest Rd, Scottsdale,

AZ 85262, USA


Tel: 480-227-0568


Thanks for your interest in Rio Rancho Verde services-we will respond as soon as we can!

Because we are remote, the map doesn't always give the best route to get here (especially pulling a horse trailer) so specific directions will be sent to you prior to your arrival date.

Our closest major airport is Phoenix Sky Harbor (Approx 50 mins by car) You will need a rental car to reach us as Uber®/Lyft® is not very reliable out here.


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